Solar 250 Fully Refurbished No1

Price £250.00

New Top Cover
New Lamp Hatch Cover
New Stand
New Hand Knobs
New Light Guard
New Primary Lens
New Heat Glass
New Lamp Holder
New 4amp Fuse Holder
New 12v Accessory Beau Sockets x 3

Solar 250 Technical Information: 

  • Overall size: 333mm long (without lens) x 130mm wide x 140mm deep (225mm deep with hanging bracket). 
  • Weight: 5.79kg. 
  • Standard lens: 3 Element 85mm f2.8 42.5mm Helical Focus Groove. 
  • Mains voltage: 110 - 120V~ or 220 - 240V~ 50/60Hz. 
  • Power consumption: 350 Watts maximum. 
  • 12V~ output current: 3A maximum. 
  • Lamp type: Osram Xenophot M33 24V 250W (or Iwasaki Eye) EVC. 
  • Lamp life: Average 300 hours (or 2000 hours). 
  • Total light output: 1200 lumens (or 800 lumens) with new lamp. 
  • Colour temperature: 3300 K (or 3000 K). 
  • Cooling: Tubeaxial fan