Optikinetics Solar 250 Spare Parts available

Spares for Optikinetics Solar 250 and Effects Effect Rotators Slide Holders Mirrors Prisms Lenses Spare Lamps

 Repairs and Parts available :: Please call or email you requirements. 

Solar 250 Spare Parts
Post, Delivery or Collection
from Street, Somerset.
e. lucy@lucynation.co.uk
t. 07917 412049
1 x 24v 250w M33 Osram£3.00
2 x 24v 250w M33 Osram£5.00
5 x 24v 250w M33 Osram£12.00
10 x 24v 250w M33 Osram£22.00
Lamp holder
2 x Lamp holder
60mm Lens  ( If available ) please ask£40.00
85mm Lens£30.00
70-120 Zoom Lens£50.00
85-150 Zoom Lens£45.00
Primary Lens  ( ( If available ) please ask£20.00
Primary Lens (Toughened) £30.00
Secondary Lens£15.00
Heat Glass£25.00
Concave Mirror£12.00
Fan (New Style)£23.00
Fan (New Style with Kit to replace old style)£25.00
Stand - White£12.00
Light Guard (aluminium)£12.50
Stand Hand Knob (2)£4.00
Stand ~ Rubber Washers x 4£1.00
Gate Plastic Moulding£18.00
Case Screws (M4) 1 Set ~ 10 Screws £2.00
Fuses - 2 Sets - 2 x 2amp, 2 x 4amp£4.00
Fuse Holder set£3.00
3 Way Prism for Panoramic Rotator£45.00
28mm SWAROVSKI HEART Kit£12.00
6" Drive Motor 12V 2MR (1/2RPM) No Stock
3" Drive Motor 12V No Stock
Blank Wheel Rotator Plate£6.00
12V 2 PIN Beau Plug (with Pin)£4.00
12V 2 PIN Beau socketNo Stock
Microswitch for Autochanger£4.00
Beau socket Adaptor GoboShow/Pro